Support Sequential Underground on Kickstarter!

The hosts of Sequential Underground Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino are part of a Kickstarter campaign for a project called Love & Monsters.

It’s a comics and music anthology featuring four stories packed full of crazy creatures and riotous romance, including The Fantastic Phantasmos by Shawn.

The stories are accompanied by an album featuring three different musicians, including Nick’s musical alter ego, Nik Furious. Here are a few of the songs you’ll get:

We want you to become a part of this passionate project. Our funding period ends on December 16th, so there’s only one week left to help us reach our goal!

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75 Episodes and Going Strong

The Sequential Underground podcast celebrated its third anniversary earlier this month… only a few days after we released our 75th episode!

Thanks to all of the guests who’ve joined us over the past 36 months. We’ve had an incredible time talking about indie comics with you!

And thanks to the listeners who’ve tuned in to our conversations! We appreciate all of the fascinating thoughts you’ve contributed in our comments section. And we’re thankful for all of your likes, tweets, and shares.

BTW, Sequential Underground has moved to Mondays. We’re still running every other week, now alternating with VACANT Bits (a fun comics and pop culture podcast). So start your week off right with some cool comics creation conversation!

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Follow Sequential Underground on the AudioShocker

I’m not gonna lie — we don’t update this blog nearly enough. But that doesn’t mean we’re dead! The Sequential Underground podcast is alive and kicking, airing every other Wednesday at .

You can stay up-to-date with our latest indie comics conversations by visiting the AudioShocker blog, Facebook page, Tumblr profile, Google+ account, or by following @audioshocker on Twitter.

Sequential Underground is also a proud member of the Comic Related Podcasting Network and the Comics Podcast Network, two fantastic places to catch our latest episodes.

So whatchu waiting for? Go listen to Sequential Underground and make some comics!

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To The Podcave!!!

We’ve been cranking out the indie comics podcasts over on the AudioShocker, and that means it’s time for another list of Sequential Underground goodness:

And never fear — we’ll be back soon with more big and bold indie comics conversation for your ears!

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Everything’s Heavy Underground

We’ve released some introspective, soul-searching episodes of the Sequential Underground podcast in the past couple of months. Check ’em out:

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We’re Not The Only Podcast About Making Comics!

Though, if you ask me, Sequential Underground is still the best ;)

Anyway, lemme get to the point — in the past few months, I’ve discovered some new-ish podcasts focused on creating comics:

  • First up is The Process, a comics writing podcast over on Image Addiction. They have two programs. One is their regular show featuring three up-and-coming professional writers discussing their craft. The other is called The Process Sensation Spectacular, and it’s an interview show discussing process with range of different comics writers. Both series are great comics creation podcasts, though I prefer the style of the Sensation Spectacular a bit more.
  • Next up is a show that just launched a couple of months ago called Making Comics. Jason Brubaker talks to different comics creators about the various aspects of creation and publishing. I’d be lying if I told you anymore than that — I just discovered this show today (and I’m still trying to figure out a way to listen to it without having to download it, natch). It’s a young show, so I hope it sticks around!
  • Lastly, there’s ANOTHER Making Comics podcast which just debuted yesterday on the iFanboy site (errr, uhhh, might wanna consider a name change!). It’s focused on the advice of Andy Schmidt, writer and editor formerly with Marvel and currently running an education program called the Comics Experience. I just listened to the first episode, and while it was a bit light for me, I think it’s an incredible starting point for someone who has an idea for a comic but no experience making their own. Ya gotta start somewhere, right?

I’m sure there are more shows out there… though, honestly, most of the others I can think of are like Deconstructing Comics, which focuses more on reviews and critiques and less on the process of creation.

And now, since I just paid all that attention to OPP (other people’s podcasts), let me spotlight what we do on our show:

  • Sequential Underground is the podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators. Every episode we tackle a new topic relating to comics creation, publishing, and promotion. We’re not an interview or review show — we’re a conversation podcast filled with personal stories and subjective advice. You get the chance to learn from our mistakes that we’ve made over the years (and occasionally learn about the few things we’ve done right!). We’re not superstars or regulars on your Wednesday racks… yet. We’re hungry, underground creators sharing out experiences and documenting our journey to comics publishing success (or failure, if you’re the cynical type). With over one year and 30 episodes in the can, we’re looking forward to becoming the premier comics creation podcast in 2012… with your listener support, that is! So check us out and let us know what you think.

I hope you enjoy Sequential Underground and these other comics creation podcasts. Maybe one or all of these will spark your creative fire and get you producing comics better and more passionately than ever before!

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Small Shows vs. Big Shows

Our latest podcast is out now!

It features a Dan, Shawn, Juan, and I discussing comic conventions and expos, and what we think works best for indie creators. Enjoy!

And don’t forget — you can also listen to Sequential Underground on the Comics Podcast Network!

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