More about Sequential Underground is coming soon. But for right now, check out our manifesto as drafted by Dan Greenwald:

Sequential Underground (“SU”) is a collective of independent comics creators.

The purpose of SU is to build a support group for creative individuals who are actually working on comics, either in print form or online, as well as to build strong friendships and possible good future business relationships. SU exists to promote the hobby and the artform of comics and will focus on…

  1. Community – SU will be a community for comic creators in the area so we can have one place to go to share and find out what’s going on in the area — this is accomplished through social networking, blog posts, email or meeting in person.
  2. Education – SU will share knowledge between members and use one another for critiques and advice. SU will work to increase awareness and promote the medium to the community at large.
  3. Networking – SU will serve as a “matchmaker” of sorts — to join creators together in creative teams and/or to collaborate on projects. SU also acts as a “banner” for creators to use at conventions or for publishing purposes.

Right now, SU is acting locally and focusing on getting started in the greater Pittsburgh area. But there are no strict rules to joining up to promote yourself and share your work. If you’ve got some self-published comics or webcomics under your belt and you’d like to find out more about getting in on the SU collective, email dan.greenwald @ with “Sequential Underground” in your subject line.


About Nick Marino

Comic book writer. Music maker. Occasional doodler.
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