Script: Pepper Jones, Act II

More Pepper Jones, Adventure Scientist comin’ atcha!!! Writer/artist Shawn Atkins and I have been hard at work on the rest of Pepper’s book-length debut and here’s some more to wet your whistle.

Our typical working process is that Shawn and I spitball ideas until we have the bare bones of a loose plot for a single adventure. Since Pepper is first and foremost his baby, I look to him to make the decisions regarding the overall direction.

I tend to be a bit more continuity and logistics oriented, so once he gives the thumbs up to a basic plot, I start asking a @#$%load of question to smooth out the action. In the case of Act II, I had a basic way that I wanted the act to start, but Shawn had some even more important beats he wanted to hit once the adventuring gets under way.

Suffice to say that this act is pretty intense. It’s got science, tension, mystery, war, and more. All in 24 digest-sized pages!


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