75 Episodes and Going Strong

The Sequential Underground podcast celebrated its third anniversary earlier this month… only a few days after we released our 75th episode!

Thanks to all of the guests who’ve joined us over the past 36 months. We’ve had an incredible time talking about indie comics with you!

And thanks to the listeners who’ve tuned in to our conversations! We appreciate all of the fascinating thoughts you’ve contributed in our comments section. And we’re thankful for all of your likes, tweets, and shares.

BTW, Sequential Underground has moved to Mondays. We’re still running every other week, now alternating with VACANT Bits (a fun comics and pop culture podcast). So start your week off right with some cool comics creation conversation!


About Nick Marino

Comic book writer. Music maker. Occasional doodler.
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21 Responses to 75 Episodes and Going Strong

  1. s says:

    hey guys, like your stuff a lot. keep it up. there are too many superheroes podcasts out there, yours covers more than that. refreshing.

  2. s says:

    well, that’s it? there is no more? didn’t check the date of the last post…

  3. Nick Marino says:

    hehe yeah we ended back in April when the AudioShocker Podcast Network closed its doors. but thanks for digging what we did! my hope is that listeners like you can pick up where we left off and start your own awesome indie comics podcasts.

  4. s says:

    that would be fun, but I don’t really now much about comics. That’s why I liked your stuff. Got a recommendation for anything else to listen too? I am not done with yours yet though.
    If you go to NYCC this year, let me know and I will stop by.
    Thanks for the podcast

  5. Nick Marino says:

    I’ve never heard another podcast quite like Sequential Underground, but I’ll do my best to suggest some stuff with similar themes!

    Over on the AudioShocker, we also had a weird show called Everything Blows with Ross and Nick. Shawn from Sequential Underground continues to podcast on the eclectic Figure It Out. Comic Book Pitt blends a small press perspective with reviews of mainstream and indie comics. Deconstructing Comics is an intellectual combination of indie comics reviews and critique. Also, the Comics Podcast Network has a mix of everything.

    AND… I will be at NYCC! I’ll be at the Action Lab Entertainment booth on the main show floor in support of my new series, Holy F*ck. I don’t know the time slots for my signings yet, but if you follow my blog ( http://www.nickmarino.net/ ) or one of my social media profiles (links are on my blog), I’ll be posting those times as the show gets closer.

  6. s says:

    Great, thanks for all those links, Deconstructing Comics look sweet, Shawn is funny, so i will check his stuff too.
    I will only be at NYCC on Saturday. If that matches I surely will stop by and buy some stuff. I will check your blog for updates. I think I now for the first time saw the new MySpace..
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Nick Marino says:

    I will not be posting any time slots (or anything ever again for that matter) on my MySpace page. However, I will will continue to link to my MySpace profile until the day that site dies hahahahaha

  8. s says:

    MySpace is one thing I can be proud of I skipped..
    One question though, maybe you do cover it in one of the podcasts here I haven’t gotten to yet, a friend and me started out first “comic”, what do you think is a good way to put it online? Some blog or a dedicated page or so? We are going for one with maybe 20 pages, so unlike a comic strip, it would be nice to keep those pages somehow together, and also be able to add new ones as they get done.
    Thanks a lot again

  9. Nick Marino says:

    Okay, so first off, regardless of what opinions I have about the best way to share it, the real answer is: IT DOESN’T MATTER. Any method of putting it out there is good enough for your first comic! The most important thing is to complete the story and then experiment with sharing it through lots of different methods to find a way that’s right for you.

    Something worth considering is that creating a new blog or profile or page for your webcomic requires you to promote it and try to drive people to it. That’s a lot of work to take on when the most important thing is actually creating the goddamn story. That’s why I recommend sharing your first comic in a place where you’re already interacting with other people on a regular basis (if you have a place like that). So Tumblr, Facebook, deviantART, etc. One of those kinds of profiles where you have a presence.

    Personally speaking, after years of testing out different ways of sharing webcomics page-by-page on blogs, webcomic sites, social media, and more, I finally came to the conclusion that a free PDF download was the best way for me because 1) the whole story is in one spot, and 2) I can always correct the PDF with updated pages or additional content. I keep links to all of these PDFs on the same page on nickmarino.net, and I write a blog post to let people know when I’ve posted a new one.

    But that method has only been viable for me because I spent years familiarizing my network of friends with my domain. I put a lot of work into driving them there on a regular basis. So people were accustomed to expecting my comics on nickmarino.net. If you don’t already have a place like that, I think you’re better off using a place where you’ve previously established yourself. You can always buy a domain name later and set up a site with your comics if things really take off. But having a dead or near-dead site (*ahem* like this Sequential Underground blog *ahem*) looks bad and takes way more work than its worth.

  10. s says:

    Thanks a ton for that, that is what i was looking for. I don’t really expect people other than family and friends to read it, so I don’t really expect anything. I was thinking that also, having a site that gets 1 visit a month is not worth the effort.
    The only place I would need is to where to store the thing. PDF sounds really, good, as everything is there, and not just a blog post to two new pages and then a need to find the older posts. One thing though is people have to download it. So I was also thinking of just a way you can just click through the pages at a lunch break. One page there, then a next button on the bottom for the next page. I think that can probably just be coded in there. Or maybe other sites like Tumblr work that way. I don’t know, but I can find out. Rather see that as a storage site and then we could send a link around. I don’t have any idea about a domain name either. But as you said, for the first couple of ones, I will just post around on facebook, etc. Then see where that goes or if it even goes farther.
    I like your podcast in a way that it made clear that there isn’t much to expect in terms of money, attention, etc. for those indie comics. But then on the other hand the community is nice to support all kinds of things, small conventions, comic swaps, stuff like that. So that was good, as I know what to expect (not much) but also be able to do things without pressure, and just mess around for the fun of it. Otherwise I probably would have hesitated to even start working on a whole comic with the goal of other people to check it out.

  11. Nick Marino says:

    Before I forget, I just wanna say… I’m really psyched to see how you decide to share this comic! Please post a link here in the comments when it’s up, even if that’s months from now.

    I think you’re starting off with a good set of expectations. It bums me out to see someone starting off and expecting to be a runaway hit when they barely even know how to finish a comic. I appreciate that confidence but I also know that it’s gonna be a hard road for them.

    You sound like you’re already setting things up to focus on enjoying the process and sharing your work with patience, and I think that’s an incredible way to do it! I wish I’d been more like that when I started.

    Tumblr definitely has the ability to do what you’re looking for. deviantART and Facebook can do that as well, but they’re not quite as cool because you don’t get to brand them and so on. For hosting the PDF, you can try Google Docs or Dropbox. Both of those allow people to download OR click thru the pages one-by-one. And ISSUU is an interesting service that’ll take a PDF and put it into a book-style layout, so that’s an option.

  12. s says:

    Sure, I will put a link up here. Don’t expect much, but it is still more than nothing, at least for me. It might take until the end of the year for that though, unless we decide to just post the first 10 pages, then add to that, or wait until the whole thing is finished.
    I will play around with the ways of sharing you suggested. ISSUU looks good, but I suppose I need to get a tumblr account, seems the thing to have. Then I need some fancy name first.. Nothing prepared yet at all you can tell.

    I came across this, that looks good, so i will try that out as well.

    So thanks heaps again. I will at NYCC on Friday I found out, couldn’t get a hold on a 3 day pass like last year, so i need to make it count on one day.

  13. Nick Marino says:

    I’m just looking forward to reading it, no expectation of the content at all! I love checking out new comics. ISSUU is cool… kinda weird because it acts like a web app, but it generally works well. If you’re gonna get a Tumblr and go that route, I recommend just starting a personal Tumblr and posting your comics on there along with anything else that you reblog or post to Tumblr. I made the mistake many years ago of thinking that my early comics needed to be separate from my personal stuff, and I think that’s the opposite of the way to go when you’re just getting started. Looking forward to seeing you at NYCC!

  14. s says:

    ok, I learned a lot here, so I need to set that all up, starting with a Tumblr. I think I will go with everything you said, no need to make the same mistakes you now think you shouldn’t have made.
    So once again thanks very much for your help and advice. I will stop by your table for sure and get your Holy F*ck comic, from what I saw at your site, it looks pretty badass.
    Then, as another thanks, if you feel like drawing me some small card or something, I’ll happily give you 20 bucks for that, as kind of a sign of support. I was thinking something motivational, to get me going if thinks get stuck. I am fine with any way, color or not, character or not, size doesn’t matter either. Of course only if you feel like it. I would then pick it up at NYCC.

  15. Nick Marino says:

    yeah, i’ll totally sketch something motivational for you. i already know what i’m gonna do!

    fingers crossed that i’ll have an NYCC con exclusive Holy F*ck #1 at the show. the book isn’t due in stores until December but we’re hoping to debut the first issue a couple of months early at the con.

    if you set up a Tumblr, follow me! http://nickmarino.tumblr.com/ i’ll follow you back :D

  16. s says:

    ok great, sounds good, so I will check back with your website to see if you are there friday and where. Then I’l stop by and do some purchasing. So make sure your book is all ready and nicely on display on the table.. if you get the sketch done by then that is good, otherwise, you can of course also mail it to me.
    I’ll set up a Tumblr page on the weekend, then we can link up.
    Enjoy your week

  17. Nick Marino says:

    i’ll definitely be at the show on Friday regardless of whether i’m signing at the Action Lab booth or not. and i can always just chill behind the table so i’m sure we’ll manage to meet up.

  18. Nick Marino says:

    Done with your drawing! Action Lab hasn’t made it official yet, but right now my signings on Friday are at 11am and 3 pm. I expect each of them to last for about an hour. When you introduce yourself, tell me that you’re “S from the Sequential Underground blog” :D

  19. s says:

    Booth 3044? Just added that to the planner app thing.
    I also follow you on tumblr (bratwurstandbeer), I have no idea how that works and need to look into it. I set up a wordpress page also, but i don’t think we will have comic stuff ready this week to put on there. Maybe two pages, let’s see.
    I think I will go for the 11am signing then.
    Thanks for the drawing already,

  20. Nick Marino says:

    cool! see you soon.

  21. s says:

    if I am not there at 11-12, I will be at 3 then. Not sure what the plan with the other people is, the moment we get in. enjoy and see you then

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