More Tasty Podcast Episodes for Your Hungry Ears!

I don’t update this blog nearly enough, especially considering that the Sequential Underground podcast is still going strong on the AudioShocker!

We’ve been making new comics and hitting up lots of great conventions lately. In just the past few weeks, we’ve had a presence at 24-Hour Comics Day at the Toonseum, the Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo, and the New York Comic Con.

Also, I’ve created a handy URL shortcut to make it easy to get your Sequential Underground podcast fix —

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are the latest episodes of the podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators:

Also, A Podcast with Ross and Nick (another AudioShocker podcast) has recently made a Sequential Underground-inspired format change! So if you’re craving even more comics creation conversation, make sure to check it out.

And don’t forget to like Sequential Underground on Facebook.

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MORE of the Indie Comics Podcast by Indie Comics Creators!!!

Our Sequential Underground podcast on the AudioShocker is alive and well! In fact, we’ll be posting our 20th episode next Wednesday.

In the meantime, you can catch up with past episodes of the podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators:

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The Podcast BY Indie Comics Creators FOR Indie Comics Creators

Sweet tagline, right? I came up with not too long ago for the bi-monthly Sequential Underground podcast (which we don’t link to nearly enough on this site).

Here are links to the past three episodes:

The next episode hits the web on Monday, February 21st.

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The Sequential Underground podcasts print money!

Well, actually, no. In Sequential Underground #5 we talk about printing, and in Sequential Underground #6 we talk about trying to make money online. So I lied.

But imagine if the podcasts did print money!!! We’d have $6 so far. That’s a fine fast food dinner.

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And they call it Sequential Underground #4

The latest podcast is live!!! Check out it out SU #4 on the AudioShocker site or over at the Comics Podcast Network.

We talk about research, covering our experiences on how we use it in our indie comics work and our opinions on its importance in the creative process.

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Listen to Sequential Underground #3… NOW!

Hey all, our latest podcast is live on the AudioShocker so check it out:

Sequential Underground #3

Shawn, Dan, and I talk about Pittsburgh’s small press comics scene, including stores, artists, websites, and our own upcoming projects.

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Listen to the new Sequential Underground podcast!

Okay, so we didn’t really say much about the new podcast… and we definitely didn’t post a link to it here on the blog. BUT I’M RECTIFYING THAT RIGHT NOW!

Here’s Sequential Underground #1, a new podcast with myself, Dan Greenwald, and Shawn Atkins… and hopefully, you too in the future!

And if you like what you hear, make sure you hit up the AudioShocker tomorrow for Sequential Underground #2.

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